Our Business

ACD, Inc. is a woman and veteran owned small business S-Corp that provides commercial diving services along the west coast of Alaska. We offer services that support marine industries and construction, vessels salvage and repair along with hazmat and environmental response and have a BOA contract with the United States Coast Guard. Our divers have a variety of certifications including HAZMAT and Underwater Welding. We have 20 years of experience working in Alaska with its unique environment and largely remote locations.

The Alaskan Salvor

We operate a 65′ dive salvage vessel that is outfitted with three generators providing 20 KW, 50 KW and 60 KW of power, de-watering pumps able to pump 300 gallons per minute and welding/cutting gear for underwater and topside needs. Our topside dive station and customer viewing area along with double lockout re-compression chamber support our dive ops. The vessel also has large deck space and a picking capacity of over 15,000 lbs that is generated from several booms, winches and an “A-Frame”.
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ACD. Inc provides services for the following local and international businesses:

  • Trident Seafoods

  • Holland America

  • Sealaska Corp.

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs

  • American Civil Constructors

  • Alaska Ship and Dry Dock

  • Seine Association

  • DEC – State of Alaska

  • Princes Cruise Lines: P&O

  • Lloyds of London

  • Cruise Line Agency of Alaska

  • State of Alaska Ferries

  • Alaska Marine Lines

  • TerraSond Limited

  • United States Coast Guard

  • CH2M HIL

  • EVS Consultants

  • Crowley Marine Services

  • Alaska State Troupers

  • US Navy

  • PND Engineers, Inc