The “ALASKAN SALVOR” was originally built for the U S Army, numbered “T-443” and employed as a patrol or coastal tender (‘Tboat’). Constructed of welded steel, with a raked stem, round bilge, a shallow draft keel, and a rounded transom stern. The decks are on a single level bow to stern, and the sheer is stepped down amidships.  This is a single screw of 345 Horsepower.

The deckhouse contains a head, comfortable galley, dive station and a customer viewing area.

Outfitted with three generators providing 20 KW, 50 KW and 60 KW of power , dewatering pumps able to pump 300 gallons per minute and welding/cutting gear for underwater and topside needs.

T-Boats originally constructed by the U S Government after WWII and most are still in service.

Foredeck: A hydraulic knuckle boom, 5500# capacity is located foredeck, with PULLMASTER Model PL-4 and GEARMATIC M4 hydraulic hoisting winches. A GEARMATIC M-8 hydraulic winch with 5/8″ SPECTRA line is also mounted on the foredeck.

Aft & Stern: An A-Frame of 4″ steel square tube with 1/2 X 6″ flat inner webs and corner braces; two 36″ hydraulic lifting rams. Two GEARMATIC M-8 hydraulic winches with 5/8″ and 1/2″ galv. wire on aft deck